The Track-Tex High-Tension System, DFB's site-installed wall upholstery, is created by a framework of rigid vinyl channels. The exclusive Track-Tex Power Lock Jaw assures maximum stretch and hold. The system is suitable for individual panels and sewn-seam installations

After a variety of panel fillings are added, the fabric is stretched onto the framework and locked into place. The Power Lock design, with its slip-proof mechanism, assures lasting fabric tautness and a clean, finished edge. The Track-Tex upholstered panel, using 1/2 in. fiberglass filling and flame-retardant fabric, features a Class "A" flame-spread rating in accordance with the ASTM E-84 Tunnel Test. Results depend on the specific fabric used.

Trac-Tex provides the best features of all DFB wall-upholstery products:

  • High fabric tension

  • Removability

  • Wide range of suitable fabrics


Track-Tex High-Tension System Installation Specifications
System configuration Flat, curved, or shaped
Installation method Attached directly to the wall
Fill Fiberglass, wood Dacron or tackable
materials, single or in combination
Thicknesses 1/2 in., 3/4., 1 in. or thicker
  1. SUMMARY: Track-Tex: A site-installed wall upholstery system that is stretched over a continuous, concealed fastening system.
    1. Product data: Submit manufacturer's materials specifications and installation instructions   including instructions for handling, storage, protection and maintenance.
    2. Shop Drawings: Provide elevation drawings of each panel configuration, layout and   installation details.
    3. Sample: Submit a 12-in.-square sample of the upholstered wall system and supply   construction, fabric and core materials.
  3. QUALIFICATIONS: Company shall have at least five (5) years experience, supplying documentation of jobs of equal size and scope.
  4. WARRANTY: Work shall be warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year following acceptance of the completed installation.

  1. MANUFACTURER/PRODUCT: Subject to compliance with requirements, provide "Track-Tex High Tension System" wall upholstery as manufactured by DFB Sales, Inc.
    1. Manufacturer's standard field-assembled upholstered wall system comprised of a perimeter   frame, core materials and fabric facing.
      1. Frame: 100-durometer rigid-PVC extruded track and flexible hinge, 1/2 in. overall height, designed to close and lock fabric in place.
      2. Edge detail as selected: Square, radius or beveled.
      3. Panel sizes: As indicated on drawings.
      4. Core materials as follows:
        1. Tackable core: Micore CV230 by USG Interiors, Inc., of an NRC (noise reduction coefficient) rating of .35 per ASTM C-423 test requirements; provide nominal 1/2 in. thickness.
        2. Acoustical core: Fire-retardant compressible polyester padding of an NRC rating of .50 per ASTM C-423 test requirements; provide nominal 1/2 in. thickness or as otherwise required to maintain flush condition with core material so that surfaces do not telegraph through the fabric facing.
        3. Fiberglass: Acoustical inorganic glass fibers compressed to seven (7) lbs. per cu. ft. bonded by a thermosetting agent.
    2. Fabric: Shall be upholstered so that fabric is taut and all vertical and horizontal patterns match. Fabric shall be tested for suitability and stability. Proper backing must be applied if needed.
    3. Mounting accessories: Mechanical fasteners and other attachment components as required by the manufacturer for concealed fastening of panel frames and core materials for applications indicated.
  1. EXAMINATION: Inspect conditions under which the work of this section will be performed and verify that the installation may properly commence. The work shall not proceed until unsatisfactory conditions have been fully resolved.
    1. Upholstered wall system shall be installed plumb, in proper alignment and in strict   accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
    2. Tackable and acoustical core materials shall be provided as specified, located as indicated on drawings.
    3. Fabric shall be installed square and free of ripples and distortions.
    4. Fabric shall be stretched over the frame with sufficient tension to avoid sagging under year- round temperature and humidity conditions.
    5. Fabric shall be installed with warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) threads made plumb, level and true. Pattern, texture and grain of fabric shall be perfectly aligned at the seams and through the   entire seam-jointed wall system without distortion to the geometry of the fabric or its pattern.
    6. Fabric shall be stretched taut so as not to puddle or dent when touched or leaned upon. Fabric shall be self healing when pushed, punched or hit and shall revert back to its original finished condition.
    7. Frame or mounting member of the system shall not telescope through the face of the fabric.
    8. Panel-Tex panels shall be directly or mechanically mounted as noted on the shop drawings.
    1. All loose threads shall be removed.
    2. Surplus materials, rubbish and debris resulting from the Track-Tex installation shall be removed.
    3. Optional: If site conditions require, fabric panels shall be covered with vinyl dropcloths.


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